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Blank - Wedding Date - 4

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Wedding Date - Four

Breakfast wasn’t as awkward as I thought, although It was very weird with all that had happened and all that was going through my mind. The night with Gregory, or should I say Liz. The talk with Molly. My own personal fears. The talk I had to have with Cami. The talk I had to have with Ryan and everyone else. All that still bothered me. But I did a good job pretending everything was fine. Gregory was surprisingly pleasant, asking about our opinion and thoughts, it really didn’t seem liker her. By the time we were done with breakfast we’d talked more than the four years we worked together.

Cami and Stew gave some excuse about his sister to go up to their room. Molly said she had to call Roger. They were trying to leave us alone. It wasn’t even a tiny bit convincing. When they left I suggested a walk on the beach because I still needed a little time to process what I was going to say to her. She agreed. We walked down to the beach near the hotel,  for a while in silence, holding our shoes. We stopped sitting down on the sand facing the ocean. The beach was surprisingly empty except for a young couple in the water and an old couple walking on the sand. But then again it was still early.

I broke the silence “It was some night yesterday, hun?” I couldn’t think of anything else to say.


“Yeah. Some night.” She said, still looking at the ocean. It was silent again. I didn’t know what to say to her. It was too weird. She was my boss, who I’ve always hated and with whom I had slept. It was an enormously uncomfortable situation. “You know, I realize how…” she looked for the word “…different this situation is.” She was right. “I know it is a new thing for you.”

“You do?” I was surprised, but then again I don’t think anything else would surprise me anymore.

“Yes. You told me last night it was your first time.” That worried me because I didn’t know what else I told her, and frankly I was scared it might have been too much.

“Right. I did. Well, um, in advance I would like to apologize for anything else I said last night that might have been too much. I was not in my best shape.” I said, scared to look her in the eyes.

She let a slight laugh out “like calling me a manipulative evil bitch to my face?” she smiled.

“Yeah, somethings like that.” I laughed. “I’m sorry.” I finally looked at her.

“It’s fine. I said some things to you too. Good thing you don’t remember then.” She looked back at the ocean. We laughed and it was silent again for a moment. She looked back into my eyes “you know, you can talk to me. Just say what’s on your mind.”

I was nervous. I couldn’t get the words out. I didn’t know what the words were. I just tried to be honest “um, yeah. I don’t really... It’s just all confusing and new and you’re my boss and...” I stopped for a moment “…what’s on your mind?”

“Well…” she breathed deeply “…I’ve always had a rule of not getting involved with anyone at work so last night was definitely an exception.” I agreed. She looked back at the ocean for a moment and then back to me “ look we don’t have to make it this hard. I really had a good time last night and it would be nice to spend some time with you, but if it was a one-night thing, still, it was a great one-night thing, I had a great time. It shouldn’t get in the way of work... Well, I won’t let it.”

I was shocked. I had no idea Gregory could be so understanding. I tried to process what she had said when she spoke again “look, clearly you’re confused and have too much information to process. So I’ll go back to Newport Beach, enjoy the rest of my vacation week and when we get back to work I wont let it be a problem if you don’t.” again I was shocked at her sudden consideration and sympathy for human feelings.

I was a little more relaxed and finally got the courage to talk to her “What happened to you? And I mean no disrespect, but since when do you have any interest in someone’s feelings and thoughts except for your own?” I couldn’t believe I just said that.

She laughed – that was a relieve – and said “You’ve never seen me out of the office. Look, at work I have to be a bitch. I am good at what I do, but the reason I am where I am is because I don’t take crap from anyone, I make everyone take my crap. It is better to be feared than loved. If you are too nice to people they walk all over you, and in business, specially our business, you can’t let that happen. Outside the office, on the other hand, I can actually be social.” We both laughed.

I was speechless. She truly seemed like a normal person, and even charming I’d say. So different from that horrible person we saw at work. I couldn’t stop looking at her. This new Elizabeth Gregory that I had just met fascinated me. We stared at each other for a moment and she broke the silence once again “well I should get to the ferry. And apparently you have a rehearsal dinner tonight, right?” she said getting up and helping me up.

The wedding. I had almost forgotten. I thought to myself “Ryan is gonna have to forgive me for what I’m about to do.”

I looked at her as we walked “Actually, maybe you could stay and go with us.” I couldn’t believe I’d just said that. “And to the wedding tomorrow…” no, now I couldn’t believe I’d just said that. But then again, it had already happened, and the most important people in my life already new, so might as well include Ryan and his wedding in it.

She stopped and looked at me “What? No. Are you sure?” she asked cautiously.

“No, but the flashes of last night that keep coming to me are very pleasurable ones.” I answered.

She smiled and took my hand. My heart started racing and the butterflies appeared in my stomach again. She turned to me and put her other hand on my waist. I knew what was coming and surprisingly it felt absolutely right. She pulled me closer to her and I drove my free hand on her neck pulling her closer to me. Her lips touched mine and my heart was beating so fast I thought it would escape my body. This was a longer then the one from that morning, and it was definitely more meaningful. I felt her soft kiss. It was warm, juicy and it tasted sweet. All was very new, but it felt so comfortable. We walked back to the hotel. She held my hand all the way back.

We decided she would go to Newport and get her things together and then come back after lunch. That would give me time to talk to everyone. I got to the room to find Cami and Molly sitting on my bed waiting for me.

“What happened?” Molly said anxiously.

“Calm down. First, did you talk to Roger?” I needed time to figure how I was going to explain them everything.

“Yes. Were fine. He’s at his mom’s. We made up.” She was nervous now. “Just tell us what happened.”

“Well, it turns out that she actually is a nice person.” I said as they stared at me.

“And…?” Cami was also nervous.

I stared at them for a moment. Then I finally spoke “and I have a date to Ryan’s wedding.”

They looked surprised, confused and a bit angry, I sensed. “What?” Cami yelled.

“Ryan is going to kill you. Not for the gay part, of course, but for the Gregory part.” Molly said mocking me.

“Just hold on and tell us exactly what happened.” Cami said trying to calm down. 

I sad down on Molly's bed and told them everything me and Gregory talked about and everything that happened. I knew that it was going to be a shock to them.

“I don’t think anything else can surprise me anymore.” Cami said looking a little disappointed. Molly agreed. Cami got up and sat on the bed next to me and said “What is this? Is it a one time thing, is it been going on? Just talk to us.”

“Look, Cami, this is as new to me as it is to you.” That was a lie. “It was my first time.” That wasn’t. “And I’m still trying to figure out everything. All I know is that it feels right and it makes me feel good.” I was honest when I said that. “I just need to know how much it bothers you and if it’s going to be a problem.” I froze when I said that. It was killing me. I didn’t know what was going through her mind and I was really scared to find out. She was my best friend. I don’t know if I could handle if she wasn’t fine with this.

She looked deeply into my eyes and took a deep breath before she started talking. “Jules, I love you and I just wanna know what’s going on in your life. You not talking to me about this kind of stuff is a problem, but if this is who you are, nothing is going to change because of that. It doesn’t bother me that you like women and it is definitely not a problem.” I was so relieved. Cami saying those words was almost worth all the time I suffered hiding it from her. “You dating Gregory, that might be a problem.” we laughed and she hugged me. It was a relive to have everything out in the open, but I knew that it was just beginning and I had a lot to go through.
We went down to the lobby to wait for Ryan and Brigitte. I was scared he would kill me for the Gregory part when I told him, but I couldn’t wait to see him. We were all very close and I missed him deeply. We waited for about fifteen minutes for them. Ryan was handsome. He had dark short hair, strong masculine traces softened by his kind green eyes and an incredible body. He was wearing khaki shorts with white tennis shoes and a white polo shirt. He walked through the doors holding Brigitte’s hand. She was also very beautiful. She had dark long hair, brown eyes, an extremely slim body and soft traces. Her face was very pretty with a very thin nose and a perfectly designed mouth. She wore a very tasteful floral strapless dress. They were the perfect couple. Their kids would be so beautiful, that’s what I thought when I saw them.

“Ry!” I yelled as I got up and hurried to hug him. I didn’t know how much I missed him until I saw him.

“Hey! Jules! How are you?” he said as we hugged.

“Good. You?” I said letting him go.

“Great!” he answered

Brigitte stayed a little behind while he greeted everyone else. Ryan walked next to her and held her hand “guys, this is Brigitte.” He pulled her forward. “Honey this is Julia, Molly, Cami and Stew.” He pointed to each one of us.

“Hi, Brigitte. Nice to finally meet you!” I said shaking her hand.

“It is nice too meet you too.” She said with a very light, charming French accent.

“Hi Brigitte.” Molly said also shaking her hand.

“Hello!” she answered politely.

“Hi. I really like your dress.” Cami added as she shook her hand too.

 “Oh. Thank you!” Brigitte said smiling.

“Hi. Congratulations!” Stew said as he took her hand to greet her.

“Thank you very much!” She said smiling again.

“So what’s up guys?” Ryan asked and I froze once again.

“Oh, so much you have no idea!” Molly said ironically and looking at me.

“Well, I wanna hear everything, just let us check in and get our stuff to the room and the we can meet up for lunch?” he asked and we agreed. The couple walked to the front desk and we sat down on the lobby chairs again.

“How do you think he’s gonna kill you?” Molly asked smiling at me.

“Shut up. It’s not gonna be that bad.” I answered looking at Cami for a little support.

“Yeah, he’ll be OK. I mean, we all hate her too and we’re trying to get over the fact that she makes our lives miserable because you decided to date her. He’ll probably try too.” She said full of sarcasm.

“First I am not dating her. She's going with me to the wedding. That is it. And I know you’re being super sarcastic now, but I am hoping that it is true.” I said.

We met up for lunch at a seafood restaurant by the beach. We sat at a round six-place table inside. Lunch was pleasant. We ordered and by the time we were eating we had already covered Roger’s absence, Stew’s investments, work from me and Cami and Brigitte’s career. She had published three novels and was on the way of her fourth. 

“So, Julia has some news.” Cami had to put it out. I almost chocked with my shrimp.

“You do? What is it?” Ryan asked looking at me. I didn’t say anything.

“She has a date to your wedding.” Molly said provoking me.

“Really? Well, where is him? Why didn’t he come to lunch? I wanna meet him.” he was still looking at me. I still couldn’t talk.

“Oh you will. And you’ll be so amazed.” Molly added.

“I will? Why? Do I know him?” he asked me.

“Yes, you do.” Molly was having fun with it.

“Well, who is it? Why isn’t he here? And why is Molly doing the talking and Julia hasn't said a word?” he asked slightly irritated. “You’re not back with Carter are you?”

I at last had the courage to talk. “No, it’s not Carter. I am not answering because I am gathering the courage. Molly is answering because she has the biggest mouth I’ve ever seen. And she will be back from Newport in a few hours.” I said staring at my glass of wine and then looking up at him when I finished.

It was silent. Ryan didn’t look surprised. He looked at me and said “Hun. Decided to act on it then?” 

Everyone looked confused, including me. I couldn’t believe he was saying that. I thought “did he know it all along? Did I tell him at one point when I was drunk and don’t remember?” I had no clue what was gong on.

“What? You knew?” Cami said angrily “You told him?” she turned to me.

“You told him?” Molly turned to me too. Stew and Brigitte were just watching. Stew seemed to be enjoying himself.

“Wait. No! I didn’t tell him.” I said trying to calm Cami and Molly. “What are you talking about? How do you know?” I looked at Ryan.

“You never had to tell me anything. I know you. Your relationship with Carter was crap, a cover up. You might’ve been fooling him and yourself, but never fooled me. I just know you.” He said calmly. “I knew one day you would figure it out.” I did not see that one coming. Was I that obvious that Ryan and Molly could see it? But then again Cami never realized anything until today.

“Oh. Ouch.” Cami and Molly said simultaneously. They seemed more tranquil.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” I asked Ry.

“I tell you? No! You had to tell me! You had to figure it out by yourself. I couldn’t just say ‘hey you’re gay and, oh, so you know,  you’re’…” he stopped. I looked sharply at him. I knew what he was going to say. He couldn’t say it. Not now. Not there. He realized he said too much.

“And you’re what?” Cami and Molly asked looking from him to me.

“And you’re…gonna have to tell your parents.” Ryan fixed it. I breathed relieved.

“Oh right. Your parents. You gotta tell them.” Cami said. She bought it.

“Damn. I haven’t though about that!” I lied to go with it. Talking to my parents about my sexuality wasn't something that was bothering me at that moment. It would at some point, but not then. Still, I had to go with it and hide what really bothered me.

“Wait. We’re missing the point here. Molly said I know her. Who is she?” Ryan went back to the subject. By that point I didn’t know what scared me more. I didn’t say anything and this time Molly didn’t meddle. “Jules?” Ry said, looking at me.

“Please be OK with this.” I said.

“Oh, don’t tell me it’s Karen!” he said leaning back.

“No! Of course not!” I said and he looked relieved. “It’s Gregory.” I stated.

“What?” he asked surprised.

“Actually she prefers Liz now.” Molly said smiling, provoking me.

“She wears her hair down and has a tattoo on her back.” Cami joined Molly on the mocking.

“How? That woman makes you miserable! She’s the most dreadful person in the world.” He protested.

 “And she’s going to your wedding!” Molly was determined to make me lose it.

“Molly, shut up.” I said and turned back to Ryan. “Ry I know. I’m as surprised as you. But she really seems different…outside the office.” I was trying to make a point, but he needed to see it for himself. “she did ask us to call her Liz.” I added.

“I’ve always trusted you Jules, but it seems that you’ve lost your mind this time.” Ryan said seriously sipping his water. I couldn’t blame him for hating her, after all I hated her for years too. I wasn’t going to force him to accept her in the wedding, but I was really hopping that he did. He put the glass down and looked back at me “although, I do give you some credit for taking her to bed. She might be lighter now” He laughed. 

That was his OK. I was relieved. The rest of lunch was just a Gregory themed teasing marathon. I knew I would have to get used to it. It was a payback for all the mocking I did of Stew, Roger and Karen all these years.

We left the restaurant and walked back to the hotel. Molly and Brigitte were in the front discussing relationships. Cami and Stew were behind them holding hands. Ryan and I were following them a little further back. Ryan had his arm around my shoulder and I had mine around his waist.

“Sorry about back there. I almost gave it away.” He said in a low voice.

“Yeah. Thanks for fixing it though.” I said.

“You know if it is what I see you feel, and it clearly is, you have to…” I didn’t let him finish.

“No, I’m don't.” I said letting go of his waist and walking faster to join Brigitte and Molly in their conversation. I didn’t want to talk about that yet. 

More later...

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