Thursday, August 06, 2015

Let's talk Grey - Amizona? Amelia and Arizona?

I know, I know. We love Calzona. And I, specially, love their story and their love. But it seems like Shonda Rhimes is messing with our heads. Apearently Callie and Arizona are not getting back together in season 12 and that sucks and pisses me off, but I think I might be changing teams soon since I got a vibe between Arizona and Amelia. Was it just me!?

Of course we're heartbroken for the end of Calzona, but would it give us a little bit of comfort if Shonda gave us Amizona!? I know I would! Not that I don't like Callie, I do, a lot, and I think she should get her Princess Charming too, it just doesn't seem that their story is gonna get back on track. I'm sad for that. Then again, I love Amelia. Of course she's had her downs and ups, but she's so strong and pretty and sexy and...well I got the hots for Amelia. And Arizona, come on she's been mine, and most of yours crush since we met her. All blond and cute and shiny. 

Now, we just have to wait for September 24th when Grey's Anatomy returns and we hope to see some hot and cute scenes of Amelia and Arizona.

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