Friday, August 07, 2015

The Beauty Voice

You guys all know "The Voice" right?
But do you know "The Voice Kids Portugal"? Well, you should. 
I know you must be thinking "why is she talking about this?" Well the kids are unbelievable, that's true, but the main reason why I got interested in this show is this: 

Get it now?! 
This is Portuguese Fado singer Raquel Tavares, one of the Judges of The Voice Kids Portugal. I am in love with her! Really guys, watch the videos on their channel on YouTube.

She is not only gorgeous, but really funny! 

Just a little info, Raquel is a Fado singer since she was a child. She has won 13 Fado contests. For those who don't know Fado is a Portuguese traditional music, usually very emotional songs.  Raquel joined in as Judge with Anselmo Ralph a local singer and Daniela Mercury, a Brazilian singer who came out two years ago and is now happily married to a journalist. 

But let's get back to the point. I suggest you all check out this beauty. I mean look at her! 

 And, I also think you should follow her on Instagram @raqueltavaresfado where she posts pictures that make me have really good dreams at night, like this one:

Yes, Raquel, you make my life better just for looking at you! 

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