Friday, December 10, 2010

Let's talk Grey - Calzona

Calliope Iphigenia Torres and Arizona Robbins.
The perfect couple. Well, a little dysfunctional with all the baby issues, shooting and moving to Africa story, but still, as writer Shonda Rhimes would say, MFEO. 

I love seeing them together, I mean, come on we all do

Even when they are fighting, because the making up makes it worth it. Like last season's finale when they got locked on the same floor just hating each other. That last scene made up for all the pain they put us through. 

I like them so much more than when Callie was with Erica Han, who I never really liked. Callie and Arizona just fit, since that first bathroom kiss, they fit.

They manage to be funny together and apart. Specially Arizona who is the most adorable character ever created and made me fall totally and completely for her after the "Good man in the storm" speech. Well, she had me from day one, but after that speech to Mr. Torres I was fascinated.

 She's cute, hilarious, passionate and with that smile she could get me to do anything for her! Arizona is amazing

When Dr. Robbins left for Africa this season, I wanted to just knock on Shonda Rhimes' door and punch her. It broke my heart, and I'm sure most of you too. But then I remembered that JCap was having a baby, so she had to leave anyways, and the bigger the break up is, the better the making up is! Still that airport scene almost made me wanna never wanna watch Grey's again, well not really, but kinda. I knew Arizona would be back, and her and Callie would get back together and live happily ever after, I just didn't wanna wait till next year, but once again, Shonda's making us agonize a little more, but then again the more you wait the better it'll be, hopefully!


  1. Excause me,
    what Season & ep the first picture is ?
    Thankx :)

    1. Hello! Sorry for such a long wait. It is from Season 6 Episode 4 - Tainted Obligation.
      Thank you!

  2. Agreed! Everything you said about Arizona, I agree!!