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Blank - The Morning After - 3

As I was saying...

The morning after - Three

“Slept right? We just slept. RIGHT?” I said, my voice shaking and nervous. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“Did you know she was gay?”

“We don’t know that yet.” I said reaching for my phone.

“Wait. Are you gay?” she squeezed my hands. 

“We don’t know that yet.” I repeated. It was too much information. “She’s just naked in my bed. We don’t know what happened. She’s just naked in my bed” I said confused.

“What are you doing? Who are you calling?” Molly asked in a very low, but aroused voice.

“I’m texting Cami. I think we need help”. She nodded as I texted Cami to come to the room without giving away any details.

She came over in a few minutes. Molly and I were just sitting on the bed trying to understand everything. Cami knocked on the door. Molly went to open it.

“Don’t freak out. Just keep your reaction quiet.” Molly whispered to her as they walked closer to me.


“What is going on?” she looked at the bed. “Oh My God! That’s Gregory!” she whispered surprised.

“Yes. Julia slept with her.” Molly told her.

“What? You WHAT?” Cami asked confused and very angry.

“Slept. Only slept!” I said defending myself.

“We don’t know yet. Gregory is naked in Julia’s bed and Julia is wearing a shirt and a thong. What do you think?” Molly asked her almost loosing herself in euphoria.

“Wow! Did you have sex with her?” she asked turning to look at me.

“I don't think so…Ugh! I really don’t know.” I put my head in my hands.

 “Are you gay? Or bi? Wait! Why haven’t you told me?” Cami looked very mad.

“Oh, she doesn’t know anything yet.” Molly answered for me.

“Can we focus on the important thing here? It’s Gregory! Would I have sex with an alien android that ruins our day at any chance she gets?” I protested.

“Well, would you?” Cami replied with so much anger in her eyes.

I put my head in my hands again. I really had no memory of what had happened. And there was really one way to find out. “Well, we have to wait for her to wake up and find out.” Cami whispered.

“Or, we could wake her.” Molly suggested. We looked at each other. No one had the courage to do it. We stared at each other trying to decide who was going to wake Gregory up, but Cami’s phone did us the favor and started ringing. She jumped from the bed to answer it and walked toward the door, but didn’t leave the room. She was too curious and furious to leave. Gregory moaned slowly and opened her eyes.

“Good morning.” She said. I don’t think I ever heard her say those words in all the four years I had worked with her. 

“Good Morning” Molly and I answered simultaneously and still confused. She heard Cami on the phone by the door and said louder “Good morning, Cooper.” Cami came closer and asked the person on the phone to hold on and said “Good morning, Elizabeth. Excuse me.”  And went back to phone.

“Can you pass me my shirt, Wood?” She said pointing to a red shirt on the floor. Molly got up quickly and still confused, grabbed the shirt and handed it to her. “Did you have breakfast already?” she asked us, smiling. I didn’t even know she had muscles to smile considering that she never did smile.

“Um, no. We were waiting for you to wake up.” I said as she moved to get up from the bed.  I went on “Because, um, last night, um…” I couldn't get the words out. She got up and walked toward us. Thankfully, she had underwear on.

“I didn’t know you both drank that much.” Gregory smiled at me and leaned down. Molly stared at us, and so did Cami. I froze again. My heart pressed beating hard touching my ribs once again. My stomach swirled around once more. She put her left hand on my cheek, pulled my face closer to hers and pressed her lips into mine. It was a soft, tender kiss. “Last nigh was great.” She said. My heart was bouncing back and forth against my ribs, my stomach spinning fast and my head twirling around. “I’ll just get ready for breakfast.” She said grabbing her pants and bra on the floor and went in the bathroom.

“I’ll call you later.” Cami hung up the phone and sat on the bed. “What the fuck was that!?” she asked whispering knowing that Gregory was in the bathroom.

“I don’t know!” I said confused.

“Well, I’m guessing, since she said last night was great and KISSED you, you had sex with her!” Molly turned to me. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“Well clearly I wasn’t! Of all women in the world why would I have my first lesbian experience with Gregory?” I whispered pointing to the bathroom.

“So, you haven’t done this before?” Cami asked. I sensed a little relieve in her voice. I shook my head negatively as we heard someone knocking on the door. Cami got up to open it “what now?” she said walking to the door. It was Stew. He came in and noticed our puzzled faces.

“What happened here? Why are you all freaked out? Didi you see a ghost or something?” He said to me.

“Not a ghost exactly. More like a monster.” Cami answered. He looked very confused.

“Apparently Julia slept with a woman last night.” Molly tried to clarify the facts.

“What?!” he was still very confused.

“Well not just any woman. She slept with Gregory!” Molly added.

“Woah! Your boss, Gregory? The one you all hate? The terrifying alien android?” he said it a bit loud.

“The one!” Gregory opened the door and spared us the need to answer. We all held our breaths. Although she seemed very fine with the definition, I felt like I needed to explain or try to fix it, after all, it seemed that we really had some kind of interaction on the night before.

“Oh, it’s not... We don’t actually…” I tried clarifying it but she cut me off. She’s always been good at that.

“Oh come on. We covered this last night. Molly was particularly convincing when she spend an hour talking about her theory that I could be a some kind of sociopath from the conclusions of her four-year observation of my facial muscles, which I never use to smile.”  She laughed softly.

“Sounds like something I would say.” Molly let slip a shy light laugh. Then everyone was silent.

“OK, so let’s go to breakfast then?” Stew broke the silence.

“You guys go ahead, I’m just gonna get ready and I’ll meet you there in a bit.” I said looking at Molly’s eyes trying to get her to understand that she was supposed to stay too.

“Um, yeah. I’ll just stay and change too. I got sand all over me. We’ll meet you in a minute.” She got my sign. No one protested. As the door shut behind the three of them, she turned to me “what’s up?”

“What’s up? I’m freaking out that’s what’s up! How am I gonna handle this? What am I gonna do?” I asked awfully anxious.

“Calm down. We’ll figure out something. Just try to relax and lets change. We’ll think of something.” She said taking her shirt off. She turned around to me and looked a little suspicious and provocative “this isn’t turning you on, is it?”

I rolled my eyes in disbelief “oh shut up an change already!” I said throwing another shirt at her. She laughed and continued changing. I looked for something to dress too and kept talking “also I don’t think you’re my type.”  We both laughed.

“I have to say that this is not something I didn’t think off.” She said, as I looked surprised at her. She continued “well, not me, but you. Roger and I have talked about it. How we thought you could be gay. Just never crossed my mind that it would be Gregory.”

“Well it never crossed my mind that it would be Gregory either.” I said to her surprise.

“What!? You thought about it too?” as she said that, I new I had said too much.

“Oh Molly, come on. It’s just like something that passes quickly through your mind. Never really thought about it that much.” I hat to try to fix it.

“Well, obviously you have thought about it more than usual. And last night you acted on it, so it’s not just something that passes quickly through your mind.” She said putting on a clean pair of jeans. “Do you wanna talk about it?”

I was petrified. I couldn’t talk about this. But then again the facts were obviously forcing me to have to talk about it. “I don’t know.” I sat on the bed again. My chest was full. The truth was that I had thought about it a lot. I had thought about it every day of my life, but I could never talk about it. Not to anyone. It was just too complicated. Everything behind what I was feeling right at that moment was too complex to talk about.

“You talk about freaking alcohol and Grey's Anatomy everyday. Forgot to mention this? Have you told Cami? If you told Cami and didn’t tell me I will kill you” she said slightly angry.

“I haven't told anyone! And Molly, it’s not even like that. I’ve never been with a woman before, there wasn’t anything to talk about.”

“Of course there is! You were seriously never gonna talk about this? Come on. This is clearly bothering the heck out of you, and my guess is that it has been for a long time now!”

“It’s not the kind of thing you can talk to anyone about it.” I looked down and then up in her eyes.

She took my hand and looked deeply in my eyes “Julia, what are thinking? This is me! Hello!? I meddle in people’s life for a reason! I like to know what’s going on so I can help. You are one of my best friends. You can talk to me about anything! And you should know that by now!” she was angrier. I stared profoundly back at her eyes and she exhaled letting me know that she got the message of my complex fears. That was one of Molly’s many qualities; she could tell what I was thinking just by looking at my eyes. I think it was a consequence of being such a good meddler and friend.

I smiled “I know. I just thought I would wait for the chance to sleep with Gregory so she could let you guys know.”  We both laughed. And she hugged me. A little tear escaped her eye. None out of mine. I'm not a big fan of crying.

“You’re gonna be fine you know that right?” she said drying that tear.

“Yeah. Well I’m not so sure. What am I gonna do about Gregory?”

“Well, look at it this way, now you have a date to the wedding!”

“I’m not taking her to the wedding! Oh My God! The wedding! What time is it? When’s Ryan getting here?”

She looked at her phone and looked back up “Still early. He doesn’t get here for another two hours.”

“Oh Good. ‘Cause I need to figure out what I’m gonna tell him. After all he hates her as much as Cami. He’s probably gonna ban me from his wedding!”

“I’m not gonna lie to you, that’s a possibility.” She laughed “come on you gotta talk to her and I’m starving.” She said pulling me up from the bed.

“Do I, really?”

“Yes, you do! Hopefully she’ll be satisfied with a one-night stand and will be gone after breakfast without further problems.”

“Oh please! I hope you’re right! I cant deal with this.”

We got to breakfast, they were sitting at a table outside. Cami sat next to Stew and Gregory across from Cami. She pulled the chair signalizing me to sit next to her. She was in fact being polite. I was very surprised. Molly grabbed a chair from another table and sat on the end of the table close to me and Stew. It was very awkward and silent for a moment.

“I’m gonna go to the, um, thing. You coming Molly?” I said getting up and going in the direction of the buffet.

“No, I’m just gonna get some coffee first. Hangover’s killing me.” She answered reaching for the pot of coffee in front of her. I wasn’t in the best shape to eat either, but I had to get out of there and breathe a little. It was just too weird.

“I’ll go with you. Get another croissant.” Cami got up quickly and walked with me. “First what the fuck?” she asked furiously.

“I don’t know OK? I don’t… This is very difficult for me!”

“I’m sorry” she apologized. “How are you?”

“Not so good. I have no idea what to do. Did she say anything?” I asked grabbing a plate without even knowing what I was putting in it and hoping she’d said something, looking for a clue or an escape valve.

“Yeah. She doesn’t even seem like Gregory. She asked us to call her Liz!” she said resentful.


“Yeah. And apparently you’re very good in bed too!” she said. I couldn’t tell if she was angry or worried or just surprised.

“What? She talked about it? Oh My God!” I let out a soft painful moan.

“Yeah. Outside the office she doesn’t know the concept of too much information.” She rolled her eyes.

I shook my head in disbelief.

“What’s going on? What happened last night? Was it just alcohol? Or is it something more? Why haven't you talked about this before?” she asked carefully.

“I…” I couldn’t finish. Molly popped out behind us.

“What happened to her?” Molly said confused.

“Why? What’s going on?” I asked.

“Gregory just asked me to call her Liz! She must’ve hit her head.” Molly said grabbing a plate.

“No. It was Julia who hit her, apparently.” Cami said with an ironic tone.

“No time for jokes, guys.” I said.

“Oh honey, you slept with Gregory. Gay, straight or bi, we are going to judge and mock you forever!” Molly said and we laughed.

To be continued....

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