Monday, October 05, 2015

Let's Talk Grey - Life Without McDreamy

So Grey's Anatomy premiered last week. And all we wanted to know was: What will life be without McDreamy? And I have concluded that it is too soon to tell, but I gotta say I'm liking the sisters living together. This is promising. Specially when there is a hole on the wall and they have these looks in their faces.

About the first episode what can I say? Go Pierce! Mediating Amelia and Meredith and punching the awful lady. Of course Callie was great against the homophobe bully, but that punch was awesome. I bet all of you wanted to do the same. So Maggie just scored so many points with me!

And, of course Arizona loved as much as we did!

Specially because, well, we've all been there. The first love, the hiding, the parents not accepting. We all either went through that or feared that. So once again hats off to Shonda and the storyline. And after all the homophobe fuzz and the tension between Amelia and Meredith, Pierce was just f***ing amazing in this episode.
Plus we had the visit of our old friend, I say old friend because we girls all familiarize with her right? Joey Lauren Adams?

I mean, she showed up to compete with Bailey. And she rocked it. But come on. It's Bailey. Who will ever defeat Bailey? I do wish she'd stay around for a while though. So many things I can imagine her doing. You know? Specially standing so close to Callie like that.

Episode two was not so exiting. At least for me. Of course there's the Callie's new girl talk, but we never saw her, so we don't know if we like this yet. But there was one part of the show I enjoyed. It brought back that Grey's Anatomy feeling that got kind of lost for a while. And that part was Bailey's talk to Meredith in the end. 

"You know when Webber had this job it was easier for him. And Hunt had it easier than I do, you know why? Because they had me. I need a me. And I believe that you can be a me for me. I need you to be my me."

I Heart Bailey. Waiting so anxiously for this Thursday.

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