Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's talk Grey - MerDer

Derek and Meredith. The main couple, and cute couple may I say.
We all walked through their very bumpy journey to the Post-it marriage.

They met over at Joe's bar and let me just say that they are the living proof that alcohol and one night stand can lead to a happily married couple, at least on TV. But still it gives me hope and determination to continue drinking and looking for my Dr. Meredith Grey.

She was dark and twisty and he's her "Knight in Shinning Whatever". And after the elevator love letter proposal and the fact that on season 7 they didn't have a MerDer fight, no one drowned, no ex-wives appeared, no vets, no running for chief position crap, no dead mothers and no shootings got in their way I believe we should appreciate this happily ever after moment because something is about to happen.

Let's enjoy Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd while they are in a smooth, loving phase.

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