Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's talk Grey

My favorite show, Grey's Anatomy.
I love that show. It involves romance, medicine, alcohol, sex, humour, drama, fights, lesbians, secrets, crisis, all together and mixed up. I wait anxiously to every Thursday night on ABC.

I'm really liking this new characters, even April who's a little annoying. I hated her and her Derek obsession, but I'm warming up to her now. Some may agree with what I'm about to say, but I don't miss any of the characters that left at all. Not Burke, never really liked him. Nor Izzie or George. Not even Erica Han. I mean, she was great getting Callie to the rainbow side, but Arizona is a million times better then her. In every way. The one person I do miss is Addison Montgomery. 

I do watch and like Private Practice, her own spinoff, but I miss her times at Seattle Grace. Just looking at interns like a starving bear in a cartoon and it "imagined cooked turkey with lines of 'delicious-ness' ". Her friendship with Callie was also great while it lasted on Grey's.

I have so much to say about Grey's that it's better done in parts. Shall we?

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