Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Serious Talking - We Need More Nikkies and Jills.

Each day I like Nikki and Jill more and more. They are just so great together.
I just read their Curve Magazine article. Let me just say that they are gorgeous and from what I saw in the pics the wedding was very beautiful.Besides that what they say and the way they interact, even in a magazine article, sounds amazing.

Nikki and Jill are definitely a great couple and, on the contrary of what some people say, are exactly the kind of representation lesbians should have on television. Of course the show editing worked with their wedding as lead story, but as we could see on their page and on their interviews is that they are active for a lot of causes and that they are very good at what they do. Yes the show focused on the wedding planning, and yes they were excited about it, but we have to realize that most importantly we saw, even on the show, that they have a very healthy and loving relationship. What better representation do we want?

The wise Portia De Rossi said in an interview for the Advocate that “To think that a married gay couple is considered boring and normal is fantastic. Happiness is a choice too. It’s a choice to live in a state of gratitude and to fix what makes you unhappy. Being honest with who you are, being able to go out into the world and show people that you can be successful and be happy and be in a good marriage—it’s important."
Even though we know it's not true, Nikki and Jill were portrayed as a boring couple who only talked about wedding. But you know what? That is a good thing. It's a good thing that a gay couple is shown as boring and ordinary, because it is what the LGBT community has been fighting for forever. To be treated just as normal as everyone else. And having Nikki and Jill showing their normal and loving relationship, and specially their wedding plus their happy marriage is just the kind of think we need and should appreciate.

We don't need more crazy girls who sleeps around or who is lost and just out of control or even struggling with life. Of course it is important to show people's struggle and what they go through and it is fun to watch people messed up enjoying their lives, but it is also important to show that some people get there and get it right. Nikki is a successful woman, so is Jill. They love each other. They are married and they are happy. It's important to share this kind of experience and it's enlightening for a lot of people.

I've always liked Nikki and Jill and I stand against those who attack their role on The Real L Word. I think that people would be more open minded if there where more representation of ordinary and genuinely happy lesbian couples like these two.


  1. like this particular entry and ur words of wisdom. very creative. and ur utube video uploads of this couple too. are there anymore coming??

  2. Thank you very much. I'll upload the videos as soon as they are available! =D