Thursday, January 20, 2011

Really, Showtime?

So Nikki and Jill are not coming back for the Second Season of The Real L Word. That sucks. And what sucks more is that Season 2 is going to be focusing on Whitney, which, in my opinion, is just the kind of representation lesbians don't need. The crazy girl who sleeps around and can't handle a relationship without messing up someone's life. Some people might think it's fun to watch that kind of entertainment, but seriously, lesbians don't need more crazy in their image. Seriously, I might not watch that. As I said before I think that Nikki and Jill are the exact image of lesbians that should be out in the media. The ordinary couple who love each other, live in their way and make it work.

They should have their own show. They should name it Guccigan. Or something better than that. I bet it would be so much better than The Real L Word Season 2.

I am sad that Nikki and Jill are not coming back for a Season 2, but, as they posted on their page, they will continue to share their lives in other ways. By that they mean Flip Fridays, photos, comments and lets hope a lot more.

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