Friday, October 23, 2015

Let's Talk Grey: Dinner Party from Hell

OK, we can all breathe a little relieved now. Well, at least for some part. After yesterday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" I at least know my heart is in condition to handle some serious emotions.

Last week's episode we learned that Callie's new girlfriend, Penny, is the doctor who treated Derek when he had the accident and died. (One moment to wipe the tears. I'm still shaken with this loss.)
Right away Mer recognizes her and Penny recognizes Mer, who starts to act weird and being nice to everyone, and we know that being nice is not something Mer is good at.
Alex obviously, as her new person, realizes something is wrong. But she doesn't say anything.

Of course, Callie is all in love and happy with the new girlfriend who seems perfect until then.

And can we talk about something I love, just like Dr. Bailey does? Drunk Arizona. Dr. Robbins got drunk because she was meeting Callie's new girlfriend. And, seems like she liked her too much, well at least Drunk Arizona did. And she was funny, and, as always, gorgeous. Can we just look at her for a moment?

 I always loved Arizona, and if you know me, now that I've seen Drunk Arizona I love her even more. So lovely, so beautiful. Ahhh.....

Then Callie has to leave, of course, because Shonda needs to do this to us. And they all sit down for dinner, which April made since Pierce is at the hospital with U.T.I. after too much sex with the hot intern.  In the middle of dinner, Bailey says she remembers where she knows Penny's name: the Chief of Surgery is interviewing with her on Monday because she is being transferred to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Of course. That pushes Mer and she let's it out:

And we all hold our breaths once again. Mer left the table and went upstairs. I don't know about you, but I felt bad for Penny. I could feel my body bursting in flames just for thinking about being in her place and I definitely felt her wish to vanish from that place. At that moment, Callie and Owen walked in all cheerful. Little did they know. They walked into a room with all the looks on Penny. I mean, come on, with all these looks? You'd wanna get the hell out of that house!

Well, she tried,  but Amelia wouldn't let her and made her tell what happened to her brother. That was heartbreaking again. And when she finally left Callie went after her. Penny said she didn't know Callie knew Derek, Callie walked back in and left her outside.
Mer and Amelia had a fight, of course they would. Owen held Amelia and calmed her. And Alex treated Meredith with the only medicine I have come to know 100% effective in any situation: Tequila. Go Alex.

After all the drama and awkwardness, everyone leaves and Callie tells Jackson she can't shut off how she feels for Penny, and doesn't even know if she wants to stop it... Awww! But she can't find her! And where is Penny? Inside the house for some reason. And runs into who? Mer, of course. Penny says that she is sorry, she didn't know that the dinner was at her house and if she did she wouldn't have come...also that Derek was her one and she thinks about him every day. Also, that she is going to make a request to transfer to another medical center and Meredith will never have to see her again. She turns around and when she is leaving, all Mer tells her is:

And that was it. Now, let's see how Monday goes, on Thursday. And I have to say, I know Penny was partially responsible for McDreamy's death, but I think I like her. We'll see how it goes. For now, let's just admire some more Drunk Arizona. Ahh....

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