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Blank - Beach Wedding Bells - 2


 Beach Wedding Bells -Two

The next day I got up just not so excited. I took a shower got dressed and went to the kitchen for breakfast. I loved it when Stew spent the night because breakfast was awesome. He made bacon, waffles, pancakes, eggs, French toast, sometimes he even baked a cake. I told them if they ever got married I would have to live close just to have breakfast every day at their place. We had breakfast and left. Stew went to Wall Street and we went to work. It was just another regular day. Nothing happened. Stew didn’t come for dinner because he had plans with his sister. So Cami and I ate and watched some Harry Potter, that we love, and Stew hates. Friday was the same thing. It was a long day at work with no significant change. 

Saturday we all got together at my apartment for lunch. Stew was already there from the night before. Molly and Roger got there by eleven. Roger and Stew were cooking since none of us girls were any good in the kitchen. They were making some kind of special breaded chicken with some kind of sauce. I know it had wine in it. While they cooked we set the table and went to the living room. I opened a bottle of wine and poured into five glasses. Molly took two to the guys and came back. We sat down on the couch and Molly started the conversation. “Have you heard from Carter, at all, since that night?”


“Nope.” I answered

“It’s been more than a year right?” Cami asked.

“Yeah.” I told her.

“You don’t even hear anything from your parents? After all they’re like BFFs with his parents.” Molly asked.

“Well they are the ones that told my parents we broke up, but when my mom asked me about it I told her that if she ever has any news about Carter she should keep it to herself or I wouldn’t go home ever, not even Thanksgiving. She said I never go home for Thanksgiving, anyway. So I told her I wouldn’t pay for her annual trip to Europe. Seems to have worked.” I said taking a sip of my wine. 

They looked at me and rolled their eyes and said at the same time “Right!” at about the same second Cami’s phone rang she got up and took it from the dinning table. “It’s Ryan.” She said as she answered the phone and took it to her ear. “Ryan, I miss you!” she said.

“Put him on speaker.” Molly said. Cami asked him to hold on and put him on speaker. Roger and Stew came from the kitchen when they heard Ryan on the phone.

“Hey guys! How are you?” Ryan asked.

“We’re all good, Ry. How are you doing?” Molly took over the phone.

“Well, I do have good news.” He said.

“You’re coming back?” we all said together, almost as if we rehearsed it.

He laughed. “No, but you’re coming here.”

“We are?” Roger asked confused.

“Yes. You are. Or are you going to miss my wedding?” Ryan announced causing all of us to gasp in surprise.

“You’re getting married?” Cami said loudly.

“I am!” He said proudly.

“To that French chick you met a month ago?” Molly said angrily.

“First of all her name is Brigitte, and we met six months ago.”

“OK. Six months then. Still that is too fast!” Molly replied.

“I know. But we’ve been living together for two months an it has been like a dream. I love her and it’s been great!” he sounded so in love.

“Wow. I don’t even know what to say.” Cami said.

“I do. Congratulations Ry. I’m really happy for you.” I said before anyone could say something to ruin his moment.

“Thanks Jules. At least someone’s happy for me.” He said disappointed.

The four of them shouted happy greetings and congratulations at the same time.

“Look, I know this is soon, but she makes me very happy and I never felt like this before. Not even with Karen. Brigitte is the love of my life.” Ryan stated.

“Well if you love each other and you’re happy that’s what matters.” Cami said in support and we all agreed.

“When’s the wedding?” Molly asked.

“In two weeks.”

“Two weeks?” Molly yelled.

“Yes, Molly.”

“Don’t you thin it’s too…”

“Soon?” he interrupted her. “Yes we covered that already Molly.”

“Well, we’ll arrange everything to be there Ry.” I said.

“I really hope everyone is here!” he said demanding.

“We’ll be there!” Stew promised.

“I gotta go meet Brigitte. I’ll talk to you soon.” He said. We all said goodbye and Molly put the phone down.

“I can’t believe Ryan’s getting married again. To a French woman, and so soon.” Molly said.

“He seems happy. I think you should get over your desperate need to meddle in people’s lives and let him be.” Stew said as he and Roger went back to the kitchen. Cami and I laughed casually.
The whole day was about Ryan’s wedding. Molly was still thinking it was too soon. Cami and Roger were worried about getting days of work. Stew and I were planning the trip already. Time went by fast and before we knew it was dark. Molly and Roger left and Stew stayed so we could buy our tickets and talk about enjoying the pacific ocean. Cami was really worried about work. “You think with everything we have to do we can go?” she interrupted me, as I was looking for tickets and reservations online.

“Actually it is the best time. We leave on Thursday after work and come back on Monday morning. We’ll only miss a day and a half. I can put Larry Morrison in charge for Friday and Monday morning. Oh, and Dragon Gregory is going to be out of town, for some personal issue that Friday, so we’ll have the meeting on Thursday and she shouldn’t be a problem.”  I told her.

“You have thought this through haven’t you?”

“Yes, I have. Now come and see our hotel.”

“And you can get out of work too, honey?” she asked Stew.

“Yes. I have some vacation time pending.” He answered.

“Oh, OK. How do you know Gregory is gonna be out?” Cami asked as she seated next to Stew.

“Her secretary told me yesterday. You know, good news travels fast.” I told her.

“What kind of issue is it?”

“Don’t know. She said it was some personal issue.”

“That thing has a personal life?” she said ironically. Cami hated Gregory more than the rest of us. It was obvious.

“I know right? I was surprised too” I laughed.

The next week went by normally. I was just too excited to go to California that everything else seemed lame. By the weekend Molly was excited about going too, when she found out that Ryan was getting married on the beach in Santa Catalina. It lasted until Monday when Roger found out he couldn’t go. He had some family thing with his mother he needed to take care on the weekend of the wedding. But by Wednesday she was excited again, or she was just happy that Gregory was going to be away for a while.

Thursday came in the blink of an eye. We went straight from the office to the airport. Molly had so many bags it looked like she was going on a year-long vacation around the world. Roger accompanied us until security.

“Stay away from that evil bitch.” Molly ordered him.

“I am going to be with my mom, baby.” Roger reassured her.

“I’ll miss you.” She said.

“I’ll miss you too, sweetie.” He said as he leaned down to kiss her. “bye everyone.” He said waving at us as Molly walked toward the line we where standing. He waited there until we passed through security and left.

We got in the plane and sat on the first class seats. Me, then Molly, then Cami and Stew the furthest.

“How long is the flight?” Cami asked me.

“About five hours.” I answered. She and Molly moaned.

“Drink. There’s a reason we got first class tickets, drinks!” I said.

The flight went by quickly. I didn’t even enjoy the drinks. I fell asleep. That always happens when I am nervous or sad or just pretty much when something is bothering me. I sleep. It is a self defense mechanism, I guess. Sleeping.

We got to Los Angeles and took a car to Long Beach. From Long Beach we took a ferry to Catalina. Catalina is an island in California in which the use of motor vehicles is restricted. There is a limit on the number of registered cars, which translates into a 10-year-long wait list to bring a car to the island. Most residents move around in golf carts. Ryan wouldn’t be there until the next day. So we decided to take a cab – considering Molly’s luggage would take probably two golf carts alone – and go to the hotel in Avalon. It was very close to the beach the receptionist told us.

When we got to our room it was about twelve o’clock. Molly and I were in the same room and Stew and Cami were in the room next to ours. I wanted to go out to eat and do something. Cami and Stew wanted to stay in. Molly didn’t know what she wanted, so I convinced her to go out with me. I asked the receptionist about bars and restaurants around town. She gave me a list of some places to go. We went to the Avalon Grille to have diner. It was a good restaurant. When we left I was looking at the receptionist’s list of bars. Molly was trying to convince me to go back to the hotel when her phone rang. She picked it up and kept walking. It was Roger.

“Hey baby. Why didn’t you pick up when I called? I wanted to let you know that we got here.” Molly said. Then she stopped. She was furious. “What? What are you doing there? What did I tell you?” She yelled and waited for him to answer. “I don’t care, Roger. You don’t have to go there anytime she has a suicide thought. You know she’s not gonna kill herself. She enjoys her bitchiness too much to end it.” She screamed standing on the sidewalk. “Well you do whatever you want. I don’t care anymore.” She stopped talking for a few minutes. “You know what. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I can’t do this now. I’m too pissed. You just better not spend the night there.” She turned off the phone and threw it in her purse.

“Evil Bitch?” I asked.

“Yeah. That whore called and said she was going to kill herself because her new boyfriend broke up with her. And stupid Roger went over to her house.” She said mimicking some kind of strangulation with her hands.

“Roger needs to stop doing this.”

“Yeah. I know. Let’s go. Now I am gonna get wasted. What’s that bar you where saying?” she took the paper from my hand.

“Chi Chi Bar.”

“OK. That’s where we’re going.” She said taking off. I went after her. We got there and it was a cool bar. It had a dance floor, pool tables and great music. Molly went straight to the bar and ordered tequilas. We did three shots each and went dancing. Hip Hop was playing. Molly must have been really mad at Roger because she was very comfortable with the booty dancing. I told her I needed to sit down because I hurt my foot. That was a lie. I just don’t like dancing.

“I don’t think I can dance anymore. I twisted my ankle.” I screamed in her ears because of the music.

“Lie. You just hate dancing.” She screamed back in my ear.

“Yes. Good we got that clear”

“That’s fine. I just wanna drink tonight.”

“Well, that I looooove doing.”

“What do you…” she stopped talking and turned to look at something.

“What?” I looked back trying to see what she was staring at.

“Nothing. I just thought I saw someone I know, but it can’t be.”

“OK.” I said turning back to the bar. We drank and we drank and we drank all night. We did shots and we drank some more. I woke up the next day in my bed at the hotel. I was extremely hungover. I opened my eyes and the room was spinning. I closed my eyes again and took a deep breath. I opened them again and looked at Molly’s bed. It was empty. I couldn’t remember anything after I called Cami at about 4a.m. to let her know where we were. I had no idea where Molly was. I took another deep breath and sat on my bed.

I froze. Something moaned next to me. “Did I bring a guy back yesterday?” I asked myself. I found courage and looked back. There was a woman next to me. I saw the blonde hair and thought “great I found Molly. We passed out in the same bed. Of course. We were to drunk to know which bed was mine and which was hers.” I reached my hand to wake her up when I realized that her hair was too long to be Molly’s. I stopped and pulled my hand back. I moved the covers to try and find out who that was. I found something I definitely wasn’t hoping. I got out of bed carefully and realized that I had only a shirt and panties on. I looked all over for my phone and found it on the floor under a pair of jeans that weren't mine. I was shaking and could barely press any buttons. I texted Molly so I wouldn’t wake up whoever that woman was.

WHERE R U? – I sent her. I waited for a minute. She was quick.

@ THE BEACH. WHERE R U? – she texted back. 


clearly she was as wasted as me.

U OK? – I had to check on her before asking anything else.


NO!!!!! – I wrote without thinking.








I sat on Molly’s bed waiting for her. A million things went through my mind. “Why was she naked? Could I’ve had sex with this woman? Do I know her?” I couldn’t remember anything from the night before. I sat there for a few minutes that seemed like an eternity until I got a text message from Molly.


I went to open the door very quietly. I didn’t want that woman to wake up before I could talk to 
Molly and try to figure out what happened. Molly came in quietly and we both sat on her bed.

“Who is she?” she whispered to me.

“I don’t know! I was hoping you could tell me!” I whispered angrily.

“Do you think you had sex?”

“Do you think I would?”

“I really don’t know. Would you?”

“I really don’t know.” We were still whispering.

“Should we wake her?”

“No!” I said a little too loud. The woman moaned again as she moved slowly and turned her face to us. She was still sleeping. Molly gasped and squeezed my hand. My heart was beating hard, pressing against my ribs. My stomach swirled around inside me. My hands froze. Molly came close to me and whispered, her voice shaking, almost didn’t come out “you slept with Dragon Gregory!”

We continue later...

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