Monday, May 30, 2011

¡Síganme los buenos!

Does anyone know El Cavo del Ocho, or just El Chavo? It was a Mexican television sitcom about an orphan boy who lived in a barrel in the middle of an apartment complex. It focused on the adventures of the boy and the neighbors at the complex. The show's creator and interpreter of the main character, El Chavo, Roberto Gómes Bolaños, also known as Chesperito, had, amongst other creations, another famous show that shared the same actors as El Chavo and was called El Chapulín Colorado. El Chapulín was a parody of superheroes shows, and his catchphrase was: Follow me, the good ones. He joined twitter this weekend, at age 82, and in a few hours he had more than 190,000 folowers. His first tweet was: Hello, I'm Chesperito. This is the first time I tweet. I'm debuting. Follow me, the good ones! It made me remember good times I had when I was a kid.

They were both awesome shows and still constantly re-run in several countries. I remember watching El Chavo, followed by El Chapulín Colorado every single day after school. How I loved those shows, and still do, sometimes I still sit in front of the TV and watch them. And it's still as funny as it was then and I think it will always be. Chavo and his friends, La Chilindrina, and Quico were part of my childhood and bring me good memories along with Don Ramón, Doña Florinda, Profesor Jirafales, Doña Cleotilde, Señor Barriga and of course El Chapulín Colorado.

I tried to find some English Subtitled videos of the shows, but I couldn't. Sorry. But my favorite show is when they all go to Acapulco. La Chilindrina wins a contest and goes to Acapulco with her dad, Don Ramón. Quico and his mother, Doña Florinda also go accompanied by Profesor Jirafales. Seeing that everyone has gone on vacation, Señor Barriga decides to go too, but he feels sorry to leave Chavo alone so he takes him along. It's good old times, comedy. And, I don't wanna make any insinuations, but La Chilindrina seems to have some tendencies, stopping to girls in their bikinis.

"Faster than a turttle. Stronger than a rat. More noble than a lettuce. His coat is a heart. He is El Chapulín Colorado!" That always made me laugh. Mr. Bolaños made me miss my good times sitting in the couch with a bag of chips and a Coke.

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