Thursday, May 05, 2011

Let's talk Grey - Calzona Wedding

So, it's here. Calzona wedding has arrived. We've been waiting for this since the first bathroom kiss.
We all wished and waited for the day that Callie Torres and Arizona Robins would get married. And even though Shonda Rhimes did put us through hell, apparently she has decided to give us a little moment of relief and great joy with this story.

The episode that airs tonight, "White Wedding", promisses a happy ending amongst parents, cold feet and Mark, but, using Arizona's words "let's focus on the big picture".

I don't know what else can happen to these two, because let's face it, they've been through it all and nothing fairer than for them to get the wedding of their dreams and live happily ever after as we watch. Let's hope they stay like this for a long time.

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