Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hot Mamas

It's mother's day. It is a day that anyone who has a mother any little bit like mine dreads. You never know what to get her and if you ask for what she wants it's a drama because she'll say you don't know what she likes so you don't care about her, and if you get her something simple she won't say anything, but she'll make sure you know she thinks you don't like her and if you get her something really expensive she'll yell at you saying you shouldn't be spending so much money. In the end you don't wanna get her anything but of course that is worse. So no matter what the gift is you will get in trouble. Yep, that's mama. So on this day I try to focus on what makes me happy about spending time with my mother. She doesn't drink, so there's more left for me. I know right? Mom doesn't drink. Shocking we don't get along.
Anyways, in attempt to make this day a little better for me and for mama considering I will be in a much better mood when I finish this post, I decided to talk about the Hot Mamas on TV. Shall we?

Sasha Alexander aka Dr. Maura Isles. Maura doesn't have kids. She's too busy doing autopsies, solving crimes and pretending she's not in love with Jane Rizzoli, but Sasha has two, Lucia Sofia, who will turn five this month and Leonardo Fortunato who was born December last year. Now, we haven't met Leo yet, but Lucia is adorable! That is one cute baby and a hot mama!

Callie Torres and Arizona Robins. Our Grey's Anatomy couple. They just had a wedding after they had a baby, Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres, cute little thing. They've been through it all and now they get to raise a baby together. Ah, motherhood never looked so good.

Naomi Bennett. She's leaving Private Practice, but we'll always remember her. Sam's ex-wife is not just a hot mama, she's a hot grandmama! Her daughter Maya also has a daughter, Olivia. Oh, if every grandma in the world were like you, Naomi.

Bette Porter and Tina Kennard. Mothers of Angelica, of course they would make it to the Hot Mamas. Ah, how we miss Bette and Tina. They were our obsession for six seasons and will forever be in our memories. We all wished for that parking lot scene of the last episode of The L Word to never have happened. How happy we would've been to watch Tina and Bette grow old together, and Angie's sweet sixteen? First boyfriend? Or girlfriend? And her graduation? And her wedding? I miss them.

Rachel Green. Friends was an awesome show. And Rachel was a big part of the show's awesomeness. I was too excited when she found out she was pregnant with Emma, when we found out that Ross was the father and through all her pregnancy and birth. And guess what? She was hot through it all!

Nic and Jules. We all know the two mom's from the movie The Kids Are All Right. Despite all the confusion and the problems that goes on in the movie that makes us hate it and love it at the same time, the purpose of the movie is to show, as the tittle say, that the kids, Joni and Laser, are if fact going to be fine, even with two moms and a donor dad. And I have to say, with these two moms I think we'll all be all right.

Natalie Portman. First time mom and Black Swan star Natalie Portman's baby is due this summer. I have to say she is an amazing actress and her performance was Academy Award worthy, specially her kiss with Mila Kunis. We hope her baby comes healthy and cute and I am sure she'll be a great mom as much as she is a hot mama.

Happy Mother's Day!

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