Friday, January 07, 2011

Let's talk Grey's - Calzona Seriously?!

"Arizona tries to reconcile with Callie, who has big news to share; Teddy faces an important decision; the residents receive new interns; the Chief makes an announcement." That's what we know from the next episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Start me up"

So Arizona is back. Callie is all upset and she's all I don't want you in my life..bla bla bla.
It's OK, because I am hoping that they'll get back together, but if Dr. Calliope Iphigenia Torres is pregnant I will give up on Shonda Rhimes. That sounds like just something she would do. Come on!
Have a fight, have a breakup, have a moving to another continent, but get them together already. And I mean "together" together. Not with Mark or his baby in the middle. I am just really, deeply, very annoyed by this.


  1. I gotta watch this series, the Calzona storyline seems interesting. Too many things to watch, too little time. Sigh.

  2. you really should!! now it's kinda pissing me off, but they're great together!