Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's talk Grey - Calzona Baby Drama

Ok, so i't official. Callie is pregnant with Mark's baby.

Can I just say I am really pissed off by this. Not because it is more drama for Callie and Arizona, but because I really don't see this working out. We know that they'll go through hell before being together, says so Shonda Rhimes, and I do get it that no one would be watching if they were just happy all the time, but with Mark and the baby? How is that gonna work? They have a good relationship, we can see that, even Mark and Arizona seem to have improved their friendship in the last episode. But this is just too much. And what about Lexie? That is gonna mess up her head even more. Ugh! Too many questions and wonders! Thursdays need to come faster!

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