Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hot For Heat

You know when you hear about a show and you just think it's lame?

And you make sure to never get out of your way to watch it because it's about a guy who writes novels and decides to follow a detective around NY solving crimes so he can write about her?
Then one day, you just laying there and your friend turns on the TV and that show is on.
You watch it because you have nothing better to do. But you just realize that that show might actually be good. And you get addicted. That's kinda what happened to me.

Castle just sounded like a lame cop show that I'd never be interested in. Until one day I was forced to watch it and something caught my attention. It was Detective Kate Beckett. Of course I had seen Stana Katic before and she is awesome and gorgeous, but it wasn't enough to make me wanna watch the show. Then I met Kate Beckett, a.k.a Nikki Heat, the character in Castle's book. That was different. She is just so irresistable! She's got a way and it got me.

She's smart, sexy, funny, bossy, has a badge and catches bad guys. She'll tell you everything in just a look and she's got this habit of biting her lower lips sometimes that just drives me crazy. And you know what? She has the best way of defining when you're in love: "All the songs make sense". Castle is fun too. I mean, I can't ignore their chemistry and that he has a way too, but it was Kate Beckett and the thought of her in tight black leather that stole my heart and my Monday nights.

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