Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Première Dame

I love France. I love everything about France.
The language, the cities, the fashion, the macaroons, the streets, the croissants, the accent, and specially, the First Lady.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. I am enchanted by her. She is a former model, a songwriter, a singer and married to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. When they got married, everyone thought it was going to be a disaster since it all looked like an arranged marriage and Carla's reputation was not the best fit for a first lady. But you know what?! She did it, and she did an extremely good job. Not just a pretty face, and what a face!

Since she's awesome and her birthday was a few days ago, on December 23,  this post should be about her.

She was compared to Jackie Kennedy when she became first lady, I do agree that she has style like Jackie and their beauty is undeniable, but then again they compared Michelle Obama to Jackie Kennedy. That I would have to disagree. Forgive me, Mrs. Obama, but no comparison there. The only thing Michelle and Jackie have in common is that they were both married to American Presidents.

And I would have to say that even though I admire Mrs. Kennedy, Carla Bruni is for sure my pick.

She's adorable. And has the cutest accent I've ever heard. Well, I think French accent is so charming, but coming out of her mouth I'd have to say it is a whole other level of charm.

As first lady she has responsibility and I think that it's clever she is using her model background to help others, specially in Paris, the fashion capital of the world.

She's a singer and I'd have to say a pretty amazing one too. I like most of her songs. Quelqu'un m'a dit is the most famous one, but I like Those Dancing Days Are Gone too. Well, I like all of them, but my absolute favorite is this:

Les Plus Beau Du Quartier is Carla. She is the most beautiful girl on the block, and she knows it. I am infatuated with her. She is my favorite of all the (not just First) ladies.

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