Monday, December 06, 2010

Let's talk Grey - McSteamy

Dr. Mark Sloan, head of Plastics.
AKA McSteamy or Manwhore.
He is hot, he is charming and he is funny.

On his first appearance on Grey's he got punched, hit on Meredith, sutured his own face and fixed a patient's facial structure.

What about the Dirty Mistress Club? That was too funny. He and Meredith had some great interaction on the beginning.

I liked Mark from the first time I saw him. And his character grew to own his own space on the show with interesting and funny stories. He sleeps around, but he's a good guy. I like that he is a whore, but with a heart.

He regained Derek's friendship and trust and they are so funny together.
I like how he and Callie can sleep together and still be best friends. And how he knows so much about her, more than herself.

I know he and Lexie are gonna get back together in the end, but he's just right to enjoy his moments when he can. He's in love with her, but since she's not giving in he's not just gonna sit around waiting. Go on sleeping around Mark. I encourage you.

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