Thursday, December 09, 2010

Let's talk Grey - McDrunks

You know what I love most about Grey's?
It's the way they cope: with alcohol!

 It just seems to be te solution to everything on that show. You're sad? Drink Tequila. You're celebrating? Have a Scotch. You're lost? Have shots with some bachelors. Had a bad date? Have every drink you can find.

I do miss when Meredith would just turn to Tequila whenever her and Derek had a problem in their relationship wich we should remember was all based and founded over very drunken days and nights.
And I think Mer misses those days too.
Remember on season 6 Derek's party?

MEREDITH: You know, at my parties, we drink beer and dance on tables.
DEREK: You insulting my party?

MEREDITH: It’s getting kinda lame out there. 

I am very proud that the new characters have a very strong attraction to alcohol and still hope Meredith Grey goes back to her Tequila loving days and hangover mornings.

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